Blood Ink - The Tavalou Tales - Theatrical Trailer

The Story

Augustine, a Phoenix tattoo artist, recently released from prison and doing his best to regain custody of his 11-year-old daughter, is unknowingly caught between good and evil. After a disturbing visit to his tattoo shop by a strange woman making prophetic statements, he is gunned down in a senseless rage by Louise and his cronies.

A continuation of the crime spree started earlier in the night with a liquor store robbery, Louise and his gang continue their lawless rampage through the city, haunted and hunted by Augustine’s spirit, his close friend, and others they’ve wronged.

Left all the more vulnerable by her father’s death, Augustine’s daughter, Cristine is abducted by James, a silent menace implicated in the disappearance of seven young girls across the city.

Heedlessly celebrating his recent promotion and the promise of a good life laid ahead of him, John Corbin inadvertently causes the death of a young girl, adding to the broken psyche of a city with so many already-missing young girls. Harrowed by his own guilt and the whispers of the departed, John Corbin is driven by intangible forces to do good, and make up for the life he has taken.

Also at a crossroads is Jay while not persuaded by spiritual forces, his brushes with death and the near-abduction of his own friend’s daughter force him to decide what kind of man he will be.

With the city in turmoil and troubled lives on a collision course, tattooist Augustine has left his mark on each in both life and death. It is now up to them to stop the flow of BLOOD INK.


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