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Phoenix, AZ - 10/31/2012- (Film Wire) – Well known Phoenix based video director, Iroc Daniels, will make his directorial debut on the big screen when his company Marmera Films premiers its first theatrical release, Blood Ink - Tavalou Tales, in North America in early 2013.

Blood Ink is an American crime drama that captures the volatile drug laden streets of Phoenix, Arizona.  Blood Ink’s complex, but compelling plot exposes its many characters’ intertwining stories that ultimately reveal the tale of a murdered tattoo artist’s spirit and the marks he has made on the people in his life, both good and evil.

The independent film has already generated a great deal of buzz and critical acclaim from its initial private viewings, with several industry insiders extending their early support.

Equally compelling as the movie itself is its Director, Iroc Daniels’ story.  Daniels began working on the project after losing his job as a film audio college professor when the economy tanked in 2008.  No stranger to adversity, Daniels, an independent 90’s hip-hop producer and rapper whose career never achieved mainstream success despite local acclaim, used the opportunity as a launch pad to pursue his passion in film.  

Having absorbed the techniques of film making during his audio teaching career, he soon begin to direct and edit – leading to his oversight on music video's for hip hop artists such as, Lil Flip, Cory Gunz, Bad Boy artist Los and 2 Chainz. Still, Daniels had a vision for something bigger.

Assembling a previously unknown talented cast of leading actors, shooting the film with a single Panasonic AF100 camera and a modest $10,000 budget, Daniels was able to produce and bring to life a formidable narrative in Blood Ink.

While evocative of the great independent films of the past that have turned relatively unknown directors into household names, Blood Ink is extraordinary in its own right.

At press time Daniels explains his film ideology, “I wanted to create a film that pushed limits and transcended demographics… something that could speak to a diverse audience. I decided to mix supernatural experiences in an urban setting with stories that would collide with one another.  The audience becomes so drawn into the intertwining story lines that they almost become a part of it… a peripheral character.“ Daniels adds, “Similar to my own life, Blood Ink is really a story about people having a chance to reinvent and redeem themselves.”

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Blood Ink Synopsis:
Recently released from prison and doing his best to regain custody of his 11-year-old daughter, Augustine is a Phoenix tattoo artist unknowingly caught between good and evil. After a disturbing visit to his tattoo shop by a strange psychic woman, he is gunned down in a senseless rage by the thug Louise and his cronies – a continuation of their crime spree started earlier in the night with a liquor store robbery. Louise and his gang continue their lawless rampage through the city, haunted and hunted by Augustine’s spirit, his close friend, and others they’ve wronged.

Left all the more vulnerable by her father’s death, Augustine’s daughter, Cristine, is abducted by James, a silent menace implicated in the disappearance of seven young girls across the city.

Across town, John Corbin is heedlessly celebrating his recent promotion and the promise of the good life ahead of him, until he inadvertently causes the death of a young girl, adding to the broken psyche of a city with so many already-missing young girls. Harrowed by his own guilt and the whispers of the departed, John Corbin is driven by intangible forces to do good, and make up for the life he has taken.

Also at a crossroads is Jay, Augustine's friend, who is driven by his brushes with death and the near-abduction of his own friend’s daughter to decide what kind of man he will be.

With the city in turmoil and troubled lives on a collision course, tattooist Augustine has left his mark on each in both life and death. It is now up to them to stop the flow of BLOOD INK.

Release Date: 2013
Studio: Marmera Pictures
Director: Iroc Daniels
Screenwriter: Iroc Daniels
Starring: Tony Cure, Greg Tap, Izzy Escobedo, William Connor,
Genre: Crime, Drama
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Official Website:
Review: TBD
DVD Review: Not Available

About Marmera Films:
Marmera Films is a creative video production company based out of Phoenix, Arizona offering a full range of video production services from scriptwriting, casting, and videography to post-production editing and graphic design.  Its specialties include commercials, music videos, corporate video, full-length films and everything in between. Marmera Films is dedicated to providing its with clients polished, professional visual productions.

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Irin Daniels

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